A program to help our young men of color access

college and career success


The Boston Coalition is a cross-sector collaborative of ten Boston public, charter, and faith-based schools formed in 2014. Our primary purpose is to expand opportunities that lead to improved post-secondary outcomes (college and career) for young men of color in our schools.

In the Coalition’s key program, Young Man with a Plan, Black and Latino students from our schools join together, under the guidance of strong program leaders and school-based mentors, to develop confidence and create visions and Success Plans for post-secondary success. Young men meet weekly, out of school time, to form a  brotherhood, develop critical thinking skills, learn about themselves and the world, and support each other as they become more directed over the course of this program, which continues through their 12th grade. They participate in community service, learn about college options and career paths, get assistance in securing summer jobs, and attend a N.H. wilderness weekend. In 2018-19 we will continue our two 11th grade groups (serving 40 total) and offer two new 9th grade groups (serving 40 total).

In June 2018 our very first group of graduates fulfilled their Success Plans, with the majority going to four-year colleges. They will study engineering, business, education, computer science, fashion design, and psychology. Other plans are Year Up, Bunker Hill Community College, BFIT, and Aviation School. While starting the program “in the middle,” over the course of four years, 34% took honors and AP courses and >75% improved their GPAs. Our students won academic prizes, such as the “AP Literature Prize” and character awards that include the “Prepared to Succeed” Award.  YMWAP alumni will be invited back this year to share what they have learned with the young men currently in the program.

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