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  • The best part about being in the program is that everyone is heard and we have each others’ backs


  • I come back every week because I’m part of the brotherhood!



  • I come back every week because of loyalty…these are my brothers



  • I learned that no matter how tough you think you are you need a core of males who you can keep it real with



  • The best part of the program is what I gain every time I come—peace and positivity



  • I learned when I separate myself from distractions and stop making excuses I can get things done!





  • I learned that I am a motivated young man and passionate about what I believe in





  • I learned to see a purpose for school that I didn’t see before




  • I learned that if I work hard, I will get results



  • I’m smarter than I thought and I shouldn’t give up on my goals




  • This program helped me cultivate my social skills




  • I am harnessing my communication skills



  • I learned that I need to communicate with those who care about me



  • The best part of the program is gaining a sense of direction in life and being surrounded by people who will drive me to succeed