Message from the Directors

We know the value of mentoring through our own experiences as teenagers—the critical guidance we received “just in time” as well as situations where we would have benefitted from additional coaching. As leaders of Young Man with a Plan we hope to help our young men avoid some of the potholes we drove into on the road of life!

We know that it is a challenging world out there for our students and that many of them don’t see a place for themselves or a clear path forward. We also believe Boston (and beyond) offers endless opportunities if only our young men are aware of them and ready for them. We help students in the program to develop a belief system that elevates their vision of who they are capable of becoming and a Success Plan that outlines the steps to achieve it.

Each young man in the program has unique skills and dreams that we are helping them to identify and grow. Students we serve in Young Man with a Plan are athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, computer nerds, future educators, social activists and fashionistas—united through the program’s key tenets of brotherhood, enthusiasm, accountability, scholarship and tenacity.

We want our students to be proud of their history and heritage. We expose our young men to successful men of color through the program’s school-based mentors who are such a critical part of Young Man with a Plan, and we invite many diverse professionals to Career Nights to share their life journeys.

We are honored to lead the Young Man with a Plan program and fully committed to helping our young men fulfill their promise.

Jaykyri Simpson, Director

Des Kennard, Assistant Director