These are a summary of responses from the 2017 Young Man with a Plan written evaluation:

What have you learned?

The importance of focus; self-respect; networking; self-presentation; importance of growing as a young man; staying committed; you have motivation when you have a goal or plan; be humble; respect everyone; work hard for what you want; enjoy life; leadership; pride; confidence; respect others; making smart choices; respect others' ideas; fighting won't solve anything; we are all influenced by different people; being a man is something you earn; stick with each other; you can chill with people you don't know; welcome everyone; have an open mind; stay on your grind; how to be a man; how to advocate for myself; help others succeed with you; don't leave any man behind; take what opportunity is given to you; the opportunity is there if you want it; men do what they need to do--not what they want to do; always believe in yourself and what you can do; networking is key to more opportunities; to become a stronger student; good work ethic; watch what you say; separate from the bad; maintain good grades; respect elders; hear everyone's voice; how to be more responsible; how to be a leader; how to survive; how to communicate; how to be considerate; how to make better choices; that I am so much smarter, creative, and ambitious than I give myself credit for; look on the bright side of things; who you surround yourself with matters; loyalty; accountability; be vocal; make your own choices; think critically; everybody is the same; self-control; love yourself; community matters; talk about your life; love your bros.

“How have you changed?”

I’m staying committed; I communicate better with people; I stopped trying to act tough and cool, and tried to be just myself; my confidence--I can talk around people now; what to say in front of a room; yes because the leaders are funny and nice; how to communicate with people I don’t know; I’m more focused--before distractions would throw me off; I’m less likely to react badly; I know to take action--things aren’t done by themselves; I went from being a lazy student who got bad grades to a respectable kid who gets A’s and B’s; to become a stronger student and manage good work ethic; to live life the best you can; I got good ideas about life; I am more confident, mature, and I have a better image in my head for what I want for my future; learned to be mature and focus; I learned the time to work and the time to play; became more responsible; I learned to look at myself as a leader; I’m looking at life a whole new way; I have more tenacity about improving my future. “As long as the program doesn’t end I’m fine.”